The important role in maintenance of the constitutional legality is played by the Constitutional Council. Its activity – a reliable guarantee of conformity of the Kazakhstan legislation to spirit and the letter of the Main law.
N. Nazarbaev

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The official web page of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan is proposed for your kind attention. The web page contains the decisions of the Constitutional Council, the acting laws, the scientific articles and other information.

We hope that our visitors will consist not only of lawyers, state servants but all those, interested in the practice of the constitutional control implementation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Chairman Constitutional Council Republic of Kazakhstan I. Rogov

The Present structure of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan

V.Malinovskiy, U.Shapak, ADaulbayev, I.Rogov, A.Nurmagambetov, N.Belorukov, U.Stamkulov (from left to right)


September 20-23, 2016. Sophia. The delegation of the Constitutional Council headed by the Chairman I.Rogov takes part in the international conference “Protection of the  fundamental rights of citizens and national security in the modern world.

September 8-12, 2016. Batumi (Georgia). The Chairman of the Constitutional Council I.Rogov participated in the work of the international conference “Constitutional justice in the transitive democracy: successes and challenges of the constitutional review in Georgia and Eastern Europe”, devoted to 20-th anniversary of the Constitutional Court of Georgia.

August 31, 2016. Chairman of the Constitutional I.Rogov Council held a meeting with Members of the  Constitutional Court of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Ahmad Tbaishat,  Ahmad Aljamal,  Director of the Office of the President of the Constitutional Court of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Mohammed Ghazwi  and Ambassador of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the Republic of Kazakhstan Innab Ahmad.

On August 29, 2016  the international scientific - practical conference “Constitution – is a basis of dynamic and stable development of society and state”, devoted to the 25-th anniversary of the Independence and the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place in Astana.

August 24, 2016 is  70 years since the birth of eminent state and public figure, the famous lawyer of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Yuriy Aleksandrovich Hitrin, who untimely passed away.